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Payment Methods


Payment Information

 JAG RC makes paying for your orders simple, fast and easy! Please see below in relation to all our policies and information when it comes to payment related issues & questions when making a purchase via JAG RC.

Payment Methods

- Visa
- MasterCard
- American Express
- Discover
- PayPal
- PayPal Credit 

- Wire Transfer

PayPal Shipping Information

 Please note that JAG RC bases all orders placed in our system in direct reference to the shipping address the customer has inputted. Please be aware that we do not utilize the customers noted PayPal address that is noted in PayPal, as our system does not have the ability to transpose PayPal shipping address information when the customer places an order with us.

In the case of a differing PayPal shipping address in reference to the shipping address notated within your order, please be aware that we may only be able to ship your order to the matching noted PayPal address within your account per PayPal's seller protection standards. This would normally take place when an order is under review by our fraud department, and is subject to our staff's discretion. 

PayPal Credit

With PayPal Credit, any qualified purchase of $99.00 or greater can be made with a 0% interest, (6) month payment plan, allowing the option to make a larger purchase with affordable payments.

Relating to PayPal Credit, please note qualifications are approved via PayPal, and the order value must be greater than $99.00 to take advantage of this 0% monthly payment program.

For all noted information & details relating to usage of PayPal Credit, please visit the PayPal Credit webpage for all in depth details when it comes to utilizing PayPal Credit.